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    What: Imagine a hypercreative, entrepreneurial, pink-loving womanchild bumbling around in a world full of eccentric geeks, hackers, digital innovators, music artists & creative geniuses. Yup.
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    CM: I'm a connector. I run a blogazine & a 'tech company,' zoom around in social media & thrive in business start-ups. I brainstorm. I mom & blog & market. I love children, books, puppets, animals, gingerbread & vintage everything, even computers.
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    Photos: I'm a guinea pig/model/muse for Tolga's unique photography. (Granted, not all women begin learning about fashion or modeling after they've raised their children, but hey, I'm a late bloomer.) I post new pics often so subscribe if you care. Love u! Christine Marie ♥
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Honeymoon, Autumn in Las Vegas + Animals & Love

Here is a collection of photos, mostly of me, my mom & Tolga, lots from our honeymoon. We had so much fun when she was here this month. November 2011 has been one of the happiest months of my life, so I’ll celebrate and memorialize it with one more photoblog full of orange, brown, yellow – autumn colors. These are locations in or around Las Vegas. One more blast of autumn love to me, my mom, and my spectacular new husband.

tolga and christine marie katas

Our Romantic, Storybook Wedding

After many wonderful years of being in love and dreaming that we would one day get married, we finally officially became husband and wife. On 11-11-11, Tolga and I had a storybook, rose-filled, Bohemian wedding at Chameleon Studios – the Moulin Rouge of Las Vegas. (Well, in the decor anyway.) We broke tradition and did … Continue reading

From “The Pink & Purple” Shoot

Another batch of photos Tolga took.

I Went to London to Perform & I Discovered Something Incredible!

Photoblog: England a couple weeks ago. Producer John Hyde  showed me around a bit of London to help calm my nerves before my gig at Royal Albert Hall.  John, by the way, is the colorful musician who produced the sparkling children’s songs for my  Gingerbread CD.  I wore pink because I was hoping people would … Continue reading

The Mob Experience, Tolga, Friends, & Vanilla Ice

Last night Tolga, his little brother Kutan, some friends and I went to The Mob Experience in Las Vegas. It was like  going to a museum, only you walked through it and interacted with mob members. Below is one of the exhibits from the mob days, they had lots of exhibits. Below is Tolga with … Continue reading

Christine Marie

Life with Geeks, Creativity, Innovation, Photos & Cookies

Imagine a hypercreative, entrepreneurial, pink-loving womanchild bumbling around in a world full of eccentric geeks, hackers, digital innovators & creative geniuses – with gingerbread cookie puppets.

Tedy Riley, Christine Marie

Hanging with Super Producer, Teddy Riley & George Gum

Teddy Riley produced Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Blackstreet, Lady Gaga, BoyzIIMen and lots more.

Gibson Acoustic Show at the Palms in Las Vegas

Music managers (and long-time friends) Paul Fishkin and Scott Ross came to Las Vegas because their artist, the lovely Laura Warshauer – and her band –  had a show at the Palms. Tolga and I met them after soundcheck, had dinner together, then discussed some technology we have that can help promote new acts in … Continue reading

Christine Marie

Photos in a Ghost Town

Tolga and I went on a drive in search of a welcome summer breeze in the desert country, and we ended up miles from sweltering Las Vegas.  I was working on my iPad the whole time. That is – until we found a ghost town. We didn’t see any  ghosts, unfortunately. There was one “store” there … Continue reading

Today I saw this on Google +

I just couldn’t resist ripping it off to share it with you. It was originally posted by Nicole (Kitten) St. Pierre, reposted by M. Edward Borasky. Enjoy!

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