Crunch and Christine Marie – Hacker Convention Las Vegasie

John Draper and Christine Marie

John Draper and Christine Marie

This is a picture of John Draper and I from Defcon. The organizers had multiple parties and dances happening simultaneously at night, and Crunch and I went to something called the “Freak Show.” It was like a dance club with lots of creative participation events going on.

I don’t know how the hacker community became so wildly creative, but they ARE and the world is probably better off for it.

After all, it’s the hackers who figure out the digital world at the deepest levels of the computer, and they are often the ones who architect killer applications that make the world run better.

By the way, en2go guy and former Marine “DualDFlipFlop” showed his skills during the Defcon Scavenger hunt, scaling walls and outsmarting competitors, representing en2go impeccably well, and yes! The team won first place again this year.

Contortionist at Defcon

Contortionist at Defcon

I helped with a few odd contributions, as always. This year, among other things, I delivered a cake in the shape of the country of Panama.

Yes, it was on the Scavenger Hunt list.

Don’t ask me why.  How do they come up with these things?

While we there at the Freak Show, we also had the good pleasure of seeing a contortionist.

If I were a contortionist in that position, I would worry about, um, having a bottom burp. Or, as my Aunt Jeno so graciously described gas – a “Fluffer”, what if she did a “Fluffer”in position, while everyone was watching, and what if it was accompanied by noise?

Well, she didn’t. She was amazing.  I mean, how could she do that AT ALL, let alone without a Fluffer?

Another unusual site was watching people put on Sumo wrestler suits and try to fight. I laughed so hard. Check this out.

One Butterball Down for the Count!

One Butterball Down for the Count!

And below are some of the people that attended. Regardless of the age, they all dressed young. I found them fascinating.


Hackers take creativity to a whole new level. I love them.


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