Tolga’s First DIY Adventure

I’ve been encouraging Tolga to take a diversion from computer work every once in a while and do something physical. To my surprise, Tolga watched a DIY video, and then this morning he announced he was going to Home Depot “all by himself.” This was a first for him.

He came home and said, “I suck at manly things, honey. They were laughing at me.”

“Awww,” I said, “Did it hurt your feelings?” He said yes. But he was quite excited anyway.

I decided to tweet Tolga’s first “construction” DIY real time, because it was so cute watching him figure out how to make his own videocamera stabilizer.

Tolga hauled in a bunch of metal pipes and PVC. He dumped them on my living room floor.

“This is PVC!”

(He showed me as if I don’t know.)

“And I bought cement! I never bought cement before.”

(I had visions of cement bags. I could not figure out why he needed cement. Turns out, it was cement glue.)

He said, “It was amazing in Home Depot. I saw a sliding glass door for sale for $400. I couldn’t believe it. Did you know you can buy your own glass door?”

(This was news to him)

“They have everything. Now I know how Lonny makes a house!”

(Yep. One trip to Home Depot and you can skip the years of study & walk out with a contractor’s license.)

“Bolts and screws are so cheap. So why do houses cost so much?”

(He’s got a point there.)

“Christine, find me that video – it’s called the “$14 Camera Stabilizer” or something. I have to make sure I got everything.”

“Yep I got everything on the list. Except I don’t have a drill. How am I going to get the hole in there?”

“This is PVC. I got one with 45 degree angle and a 90 degree angle. It goes together with these middle things. It’s like legos, Christine! Even you could do it!”

“They asked if I’d ever done plumbing before. I said, Nope, this is my first time.”

“They asked what my plumbing problem was, what I needed.”

“I said I’m making a steadicam!”

“I got steel worker gloves! I’m going to be a steel worker so I don’t hurt myself!”

(Now there’s some good logic.)

A guy running with a steadicam

“I got dejuiced but I learned a lot.”

“Can you open this blister pack for me? Don’t hurt yourself. You can wear my steel worker gloves if you want.”


“I saw doors. I went nuts in there! People can redo their houses themselves. I even saw sinks! I could become the next Lonny!”

(Lonny is my manly-man brother-in-law who built his own log home and it blew Tolga’s mind.)

“What’s a conduit? I think the gray is the conduit, and the white is the PVC.”

“Who are you chatting with?” he asks me.

(He doesn’t know I’m tweeting what he says.)

“Make sure you never smoke while using this cement because it is very highly flammable.”

(I don’t smoke. He does. Maybe he forgot?)

“The curved part goes in here. I just need the top part for the camera. This is the tricky tricky part. If I used the pogo stick…”

“I’m such an idiot.”

“Did you say you had a drill baby? I need to make a hole in this 1/4 inch thing. Maybe you could do it for me & you could save my ass?”

(It’s amazing watching him try to figure this stuff out. He’s never assembled anything in his life that’s not electronic. I assemble everything.)

“Do you have a hole maker of any kind?”

A Steadicam from the Net

“Wow you could make a lot of cool stuff with this PVC. Look what I made. It’s not a steadicam but it could be used for something right?”

“Don’t you have a pink drill? You have a pink everything.”

(My favorite color is pink, therefore I must certainly have a drill.)

“I found your pink hammer. Didn’t it come with a drill?”

(He is still on the floor with his tubes and pipes. He uses needlenose pliers where it called for a wrench. Out of compassion, I helped him to know the difference.)

“I need a 1/4 inch hole in this thing.”

“Don’t you have a hole maker of any kind anywhere? Stop typing and find me your hole maker!”

“I wish I had, like, a screwdriver poke-holer.”
(A screwdriver, poke-holer?)

“One hole is stopping me from my steadicam. Crazy. Where did all these flies come from? Wasn’t there a hole puncher?”

“Don’t we have a hole puncher?”

(Yes, a paper hole puncher will work wonders on that PVC elbow.)

“Can you go back to that $14 thing? I want to see which nut goes first.”

(He means the DIY video.)

“Not the video, the pictures. Is it this washer or this one? Or wait. The washer and then the nut, right? Christine, is this a nut or a bolt or a washer or a wing nut? It has to match the picture.”

(He seriously doesn’t know the difference. He is matching it all up with studious comparison.)

“Okay, done with this part. It worked! Okay, then – the wing nut, I need to see the wing nut. It goes upside down right? “

(He’s so freaking cute when he’s this intense. )

“I did it with nailing! I did it!! I made a hole myself!! I am now the proud owner of a drilled end-cap!”

“The end-cap was supposed to be metal but I did it out of plastic because of a hole. The rest is metal. Putting the camera on now…”

“Okay, this fits!! I need weights on the bottom for balance but I can get those later. Trying it out now.”

“Where did all these flies come from? That’s a huge fly.”

“I’m gonna video this fly. I think this is working Christine. I think this is going to be like a real steadicam.”

“I could do this all day. I’m going to be like David West!”

“The footage turned out pretty good. I can make things myself.”

“I’m like the Hackbus guys now, and Lonny! I just saved us $1400!”

(Tolga is in shock. This is a massive accomplishment for him.)

“I can’t believe I did it. I can’t believe it. I made my own steadicam.”

Remnants of Tolga's DIY


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