A Healthy Stroll to the Bank. Sort of.

Tolga and I decided to walk to the bank “because it would be good for our hearts.”  But inside the bank, Tolga’s eyes lit up when he saw the lollipops.  The temptation for sweets was too great and he grabbed one.

Or three.

Wait. Make that four.

With a sucker in his mouth, he conversed with the teller who then sent him to business banking.

Off he went, lollipop in hand, to talk to the business bankers.  I found it charming.

Tolga listened intently as a banker spoke. Tolga was sucking his sucker the whole time.

I found it so cute. (I knew it was a blog-in-the-making so I took pics on my cell phone.)

We then had to wait for another banker to come. By the time she came, there was only one sucker left.

When she finally sat down, Tolga was fascinated by the hand sanitizer she put on her desk. He started interviewing the banker about hand sanitizer, her spotless desk, and what motivated her to be so clean. She was amused but she stayed focused and finished the transaction at hand.

Tolga asked if he could try some of her hand sanitizer. Of course she was happy to say yes. She then loosened up and explained how it kills germs, why it was important, and what she learned from her mother and grandmother. This led to more questions and suddenly Ms. Banker was not just another banker.  She was the center of the world and she was special. She was smiling and glowing and laughing.

It was fascinating for me to see how Tolga’s obliviousness to the way people in business “are supposed to” do things, combined with his genuine spontaneity and interest in others – endeared yet another person that crossed his path. She will probably never forget him. It happens all the time.

On our way home, we stopped at 7-11 to say hi to our buddy there and so Tolga could fully caffeinate himself.  I tried energetically to compel him to buy some fruit or a salad bowl, at least something healthy to go along with it. After all, the reason we walked was that it was supposed to be good for our hearts, remember?

No luck. Not even a banana made it in the bag. Despite my complaints, he went with the usual staples.

After making the cashier a bit discombobulated with our arguing, he made a funny face and we laughed. He let me take his pic. As we left he yelled, “See you tomorrow for your Mountain Dew, Tolga! Drive next time!” I think Tolga is his favorite customer. Somehow, Tolga touches everyone.

After 7-11, Tolga and I walked home holding hands and dreaming as usual. The rays of the setting sun burst through the trees on our street, and though the healthy heart benefits of walking were soon-to-be erased by Tolga’s habits, it was still a happy thing.

It was heart-warming for more than just us, and in the end it was good for our hearts too — just in a different way. A heart and soul kind of way.

Life with Tolga. It’s a unique life indeed.


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