Why Aren’t There More Women in Leadership?

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg nailed it when she spoke at TED about a why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions. She also offered 3 powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite. Even if becoming a Chief Something doesn’t matter to you, watch it any girls. Women need to watch it to be reminded to reach for the stars (if they want stars) and men need to watch it because they will benefit immeasurably if they learn to empower women – especially the women in their lives, whether colleagues, lovers, family members, or friends.

Kandice and I were just talking this morning about the impact of various men in our lives, be it from the past or present. She said, “I realized I don’t want to be around someone who drains me. I want to be around someone who fluffs me.”

Fluff? Fluff. Not your typical power word, but I knew exactly what she meant. Which would rather be – flattened and pounded down, or fluffed? It means sending messages that are enabling and empowering, and being treated with positivity and respect. Being lifted.

I’ve always thought women need honest fluffing more than men. Sheryl Sandberg’s talk was full of support for this. I was also amazed by her story about what a professor did to show how successful women are more disliked than successful men. Grrrr, but good to know.

Anyway, I watched Sheryl’s talk four times already, made Tolga watch it once (he said “Wow”), sent the link to Kandice, Avital, Lily and Annie; I plan to send it to Tawnya, Simone and Eris, and here I am blogging about it too.

And then I shall tweet what I have herein blogged.
Men and women, big and small, watch this video, one and all.


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