The New Muse of Tolga. Uh oh.

Christine Marie victorian postcardWe used to have our own in-house model named Kandice, but she moved to Hollywood and is a rising star now. Follow @Kandice on Twitter here.  Unfortunately for the world, but fortunately for me, now the only resident guinea pig left is ancient, flawed Yours Truly. But he fixes that. See?

Christine Marie, photo by Tolga Katas

I don’t really look like this. EVER. The woman in this picture is probably an attorney or the Dean of a Woman’s College or something. But obviously I want you to see it so you ingrain this image of me into your minds! You know that haggard woman with stuff thrown all around the house who does emergency Mountain Dew runs to the store in her pink PJs with no make-up on and a chihuahua in her lap? Forget her!! She has been replaced.

She has been replaced by Tolga technology and filters and such. Doesn’t the woman in this photo look smart, strong, determined, powerful and entrepreneurial? Yes! This is a college grad who probably carries Atlas Shrugged in her laptop bag.

Christine Marie

This woman is different. She’s likely a mom and a kindergarten teacher. She looks warm, tender-hearted, organized, and the light in her eyes tells me she raises money for charities. This woman reads the Bible and loves Jesus too. She probably bakes cupcakes, healthy cupcakes – in case children come visit. And organic cupcakes, in case the Russian sweetheart Dmitry Boldyrev (inventor of Winamp) comes over. He does more than program killer iphone apps and audio technology. He’s my organic inspiration!

Now, I will stop showing off my artificial beauty for today, throw my sweats back on, and get back to work so Tolga and I can meet our deadlines.

Plus then my show runner & manager will keep patting me on the head. More about them later.

For now, go GEEK HOUSE! Go Gingerbread!! We got apps to finish!!


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