Bunny Project with Hotdog Paper Ears

I couldn’t resist. Last night Tolga and I went to AM/PM looking for paper plates so I can make another bunny project, but they had no paper plates. The inventive employee, however, gave me a little stack of hot dog papers instead. I realized they might make perfect bunny ears for a different project, so this is what I came up with:

Hotdog paper ears with pink linings glued onto a construction paper tube with cuts as you can see.  Tolga, of course, took the photo. (These will also go in the iPad Mommy app when it’s done, by the way).

Forgive the bunny face – you could do much better I am sure! Obviously it’s a variation of what I planned – which I’ve posted in the postcard below.

By the way, if you make any bunny projects yourself, I’d love you to send me a pic.

Love!  Christine Marie

Christine Marie

On another topic ——

I’ve been concerned because when people search “Christine Marie,” they get a different Christine Marie who is not, um, family friendly.  I’ve been worried because what if children search for me, and they find someone NOT rated G. I decided a few days ago to try to get my photos all over the first page of Google image search because at least they are family-friendly. That’s why you’ll see Tolga and I posting an unusual amount of photos of me even in places where it seems unnatural. Like below.

Christine Marie

He casually snapped these pics of me a couple days ago too.

Christine Marie

If you blog, I would be ever-so-grateful if you could post pics of me and say, “This is my friend Christine Marie. She has lots of creative ideas for mothers and children,” (or something like that) then link to my new site going up: www.christinemarieblog.com.  It would help my cause when it comes to photo search.

Christine Marie

A little Lindsay Wagnerish I think.


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