Love Break

I’ve always had a believing heart.

Christine Marie

I am getting married to someone I have been with for 9 years, but even for me, that is hard to believe.

I’m counting the days until I get married to the man I love.

My sweetheart, rock, visionary, comedian, motivator, genius and best friend.

Christine Marie

He is always taking pictures of me, making me feel beautiful and wonderful

no matter how flawed I am, or what a wreck my house is.

 He makes me so happy.

Tolga is the most amazing, talented, positive, inspirational,

creative human being I have ever known.  He makes me software and

graphics and incredible innovations and it never stops.

He plays me songs and fills our home with music. I am so blessed.

When I feel insecure, he makes me laugh.

Now I am going t to take a little break from the world, and take some time to focus on Tolga, our wedding, our families, my children.

I love them all … more than life itself.


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