Gibson Acoustic Show at the Palms in Las Vegas

Music managers (and long-time friends) Paul Fishkin and Scott Ross came to Las Vegas because their artist, the lovely Laura Warshauer – and her band –  had a show at the Palms. Tolga and I met them after soundcheck, had dinner together, then discussed some technology we have that can help promote new acts in  innovative ways.

This is music executive and manager Scott Ross and artist Laura W. (I snapped these with my cell phone, sorry! )  Talk about warm and wonderful people, wow.

This is me with Paul Fishkin.  It may look like we’re arm wrestling and he’s beating me, but in reality

I have the upper hand.

This is Laura right after soundcheck. The show was called the Gibson Acoustic Asylum and was sponsored by Gibson.

Tolga & Christine

For once I got Tolga and I in the same picture.

Here’s Paul using his Blackberry to show Tolga the radio stations that have added Laura’s new single, “Wishing Well.”

It turns out that Laura’s song was one of the most added songs this week, so there was some celebrating going on!

And dancing in the aisles!!!

Laura performed brilliantly and mesmerized me with her voice.  No wonder her voice has grabbed the attention of the legendary LA Reid,

and Jay-Z, who told her she was “fantastically talented”.

Laura’s sound is laced with familiar and powerful vocal flavors ranging from Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush

to Imogen Heap, but it is her distinctive sound and style that sets her apart from being just another female songstress.

Four of Warshauer’s newest tracks were produced by the legendary Thom Panunzio,

who has worked with major names such as Bruce Springsteen, Nelly Furtado and U2.

Laura and her band received a highly prestigious Gibson and Epiphone Guitar endorsement deal,

and an endorsement deal from Blue Microphone.  They’re all playing a Gibson guitars, of course.

In acknowledgement of her talent and creativity, Laura was chosen by BMI, Songmasters

and the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame as the 2010 recipient for the first ever Buddy Holly Award.

The audience loved Laura and the band, of course. To learn more about this rising talent,

check out her web site here:

After her performance, we  all stayed and watched some friends perform.

Frankie Moreno is now making his debut as America’s next modern-day crooner.

He’s crazy, this guy. Frankie Moreno oozes charisma, has the sex appeal of Harry Connick Jr. meets bad boy Robert Downey Jr.

His contagious music combined with his playful stage antics make audiences fall in love with him.

Frankie Moreno, of course, is supported by  his band…

which includes his brother Tony…a friend of Ms. K.

plus some guys from Air Supply, Lizzie the cellist, a vicious guitarist that looks like Bruce Willis,

and a saxophone player to die for. For more about Frankie Moreno, who is now signed to Sony,

check out his web site HERE.

Afterward Paul made sure Laura got on the radio show that followed.  Famed Vegas comedian Gordie Brown was in the audience

cheering on the artists. What a sweetheart.

Christine Marie, Gordie Brown

So we got an invite to his show and to talk.  Of course we’ll talk to him about a Gordie Brown iPad app…
A fantastic night.

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