Life with Geeks, Creativity, Innovation, Photos & Cookies

Christine Marie

I’m 1/3 geek, 1/3 marketer, 1/3 child at heart.  I love Victorian ephemera, the color pink, classic cars, retro fashions & vintage everything, including computers. I write, blog, code, do graphic design, digital branding, web sites, blogs for women, iPad apps, software design, IPTV, marketing strategy.

In spite of needing a tutor for the math-oriented classes, I somehow still managed to get an MBA.

I thrive in business start-ups, I zoom around in social media, am a natural connector and I love children, babies, literacy, puppetry & education. In the real world I do mom things; arts & crafts, puppetry, bake goodies, scheme fashion accessories, promote literacy. (Notice I didn’t mention housework?)

I’m also the photographic guinea pig (model? muse?) for digital visionary Tolga Katas, my fiancee. Granted, not all women begin ‘modeling’ after they’ve given birth, let alone raised their children, but hey, life is full of adventure, Tolga loves to photograph and I’m free. Hence, this photoblog.

Tolga Katas is sizzling with brilliance and productivity. Whatever I can’t do, he can –  from developing disruptive software to music production to TV shows to 3D innovation to photography to mobile apps to streaming video. We’re positive, playful, creative people who love family and friends and animals, still love to learn new things, believe in a higher power and live a wonderful life.

Wait. Let me restate that. We live a colorful, artistic, hilarious, eccentric, sometimes rich, sometimes broke, challenging, tender, meaningful, occasionally heart-wrenching, productive, adventurous, nerdy, fun-loving, passionate, creative, amazing life.

So I share parts of our life here when I have time. Enjoy & thanks for stopping by.


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