The Mob Experience, Tolga, Friends, & Vanilla Ice

Last night Tolga, his little brother Kutan, some friends and I went to The Mob Experience in Las Vegas. It was like  going to a museum, only you walked through it and interacted with mob members.

Below is one of the exhibits from the mob days, they had lots of exhibits.

Below is Tolga with an actual mob car. Unfortunately, it was in the dark and technically, we weren’t supposed to be taking photos anyway.  Sorry about the quality!!

The man that appears on the top of the car is a talking hologram.  Cool technology!!!!

This is Cindy “Cruise” – a long-time friend of  Stevie B and Tolga’s from their songwriting days in Florida.  Did you know she co-wrote “Waiting for Your Love” and other smash hits?  Her voice is incredible too.  Thank you, Cindy, for the complimentary tickets.

Here’s a photo of Cindy taken by Tolga.  She was in Vegas with the rapper Vanilla Ice, part of the gang involved with his show there. (In fact, Vanilla Ice was the one who got the money  from the gangster for our team in our Mob Experience!)

BTW – In case you forgot, Vanilla’s single single “Ice Ice Baby” was the first hip hop single to top the Billboard charts. He was really nice.

In another mob exhibit room we there was this manikin in a showgirl costume.  I think the costume was authentic from the opening Flamingo days.

Thought I’d throw this photo in again for good measure, since we paid $23 for 2 pics!  The guy in the blue was from Vanilla’s team.

He was wearing a wig, goofing off, and looked like Paul McCartney (on purpose I think.) He was a happy, hilarious guy.

Kutan took this photo of Tolga and I in The Mob Experience Shop when it was over.  I’m not sure how my eye color turned so ghostly, but I did get fake shot at the end. Maybe I was starting to morph into a vampiress? Luckily Tolga got me out of there while I was still human and I got my color back.

I was left with a beautiful memory of a very fun night with friends, including my dear friends at Chameleon Studios.


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