The Digital Life, the Debonair and the High Tech Cookie Mom


Frank With A Supermodel

I might have been Frank Anderson’s biggest nightmare.  Frank Anderson (on the left) is a colleague from the past and he’s an extremely classy, professional financial person who is more comfortable in a group of high-profile millionaires than Tom Cruise on a film set.  Frank says the right things, wears the right things, vacations in the right places, hangs out with the right people, drinks the right wine, uses utensils properly, reads the right magazines. He even explains things perfectly — varying the pitch, tone and speed of his voice like someone trained at Toast Masters.

But for Frank Anderson, it’s natural.


Frank In Paradise With Friends

And he’s fun, a good listener. Although I have never actually asked about his background, I picture Frank as having been raised in an upper-class home with a financially-savvy mother, a millionaire father and that investment banking somehow just seeped into his DNA.  In the world of making deals happen and hob-knobbing with the rich and famous, Frank flows like water.

Not me.  I flow like refrigerated peanut butter. I was the girl with cooties. My parents struggled to make ends meet, I had a lazy eye, thick glasses, a speech impediment. I was clumsy, had no natural social graces, was awkward around my peers and belonged to no cliques.

But townsfolk where I grew up said I had a way with animals. Animals loved me. That was worth something.

–>>Fast forward to today. After years of overcoming obstacles, studying, dreaming, making enormous mistakes, setting goals, achieving goals, geeking out and working my toosh off, somehow the universe put me in a position to meet Tolga Katas, fall in love, and find myself immersed in the depths of the technology world.

AND because of that, now I get to interact with, learn from and “challenge” people like Frank Anderson and his colleagues.

Theoretically, I am also the founder of an emerging brand of software, videos, children’s characters, and mom-oriented products. (Peek at,, and – if you dare.) And soon I will be putting up my Gingerbread site.

But be forewarned that it’s very UNFRANKANDERSON. It’s silly. My characters are gingerbread cookies and candies. Puppets. And yes I am the anti-corporate, pink-loving, puppet-toting Mrs. Gingerbread.

Enough about that.  On this blog, I focus on geeky things, technology, photography, Tolga things, and the amazing people I get to meet. Like the picture below. Yes, that’s Frank Anderson on the drums, jamming with world famous people for a good cause.

Frank on the right, jamming with Prince Albert and others.

Frank on the right, jamming with Prince Albert and others.

Of course Frank has to know how to do all those highfalutin’  activities. But not me. I was just around to help people create and evangelize their global media channels, and make sure they run like silk. Profitably. But to do that, first I had to ensure that the programmers were fat, happy, and motivated, and that Tolga got a good night’s rest once in a while.

Frank relaxes in paradise. Compare Frank’s life to Tolga’s and mine.

Me and Tolga.

Me and Tolga.

This is us crashed on the floor of one of the studio rooms at work.

Below is a scene from the same room when we filmed a little show.

John Draper as Santa, me and Gumdrop, WO;

John Draper as Santa, me and Gumdrop, Will Gozzard;

That’s me with the legendary John Draper, an iconic hacker & programmer, along with a guest, and one of my puppets – an African American gingerbread cookie named Gumdrop.

I really can’t blame Frank for being tenuous about my business style. After all, a playful blond puppeteer with a ponytail who used to teach kindergarten is definitely not what business suits envision running a tech company. Whatever. I have one and it’s hot.

Just for the record, men, I might not be a Frank Anderson, but I can design killer interactive TV, online distribution, digital engagement and monetization strategies. (I learn from the best – Tolga Katas, Kevin Mitnick, Gary Kam, Dan Sokol, Ashwin Nevin!) Plus don’t forget my superduper networking powers. I can work circles around any man I know, do 50 critical things at once, sell ice cubes to Eskimos and then bake cookies for everyone when I’m done.

I love my geeky, creative, unconventional life with Tolga, my family & friends, the artistic creations and trail-blazing new technology they continually come up with, and I love the people I get to “hob-knob” with.  That used to include people like Frank Anderson, but he’s moved on to richer, more relevant people. But not a one of them can build a web site or an iPhone app or an interactive marketing strategy like me.

Frank and company never did take me and my gang on one of their private jets anyway. Silly boys are going to regret it…

But that’s ok.

Christine Marie in Nelson NV

I’d rather hang out with developers and innovators and children than stuffed shirts anyway.

Christine Marie, puppet, children

Besides, I have Tolga, my family, my friends, my faith, my laptop, my iPad, my business, my puppets.  I’m free to live an extraordinary, eccentric, creative, playful life.

Christine Marie in dry lake bed

I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

4 Responses to “The Digital Life, the Debonair and the High Tech Cookie Mom”
  1. Dorothy says:

    I think you are pretty special daughter of mine!!!!!

  2. Kathleen says:

    I want to meet Frank. For business reasons, of course.

  3. Adam Powell says:

    wonderful, thats my purple blanket!! 🙂 Many late nights, and long days… At this point its countless for the amount of value we have created at en2go.

  4. duald says:

    Bah, studio lighting system and my iPhone still doesn’t take great candid photos. I’m saddened by this.

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