My Publications



Various business documents,  trailers for TV shows,  sales letters, marketing documents, Internet content.


The 2,000 Year Old Sales Technique That Never Fails, Sales and Marketing Successletter, p. 6-9, vol. 3


How to Write Killer Classified Ads, ibid., p. 14-16;

Putting Magic Into Your Marketing Materials: Seven Secrets You Can Steal From David Copperfield, ibid., p. 8-11, vol. 3, 4

Sales Training Manual – Lancie Cosmetics, NY.

Using Your Calendar – Upline Mag. p. 18, Oct.


How To Stay Calm, Strategies For Parents, Grand Rapids Parent Magazine Circle of Champions, teenage motivational program, Applebrook.


Parenting Success Program, motivational program, Applebrook.   Motivating Kids To Be Obedient, Respectful-Audiotape.


How To Be A Patient, Positive Parent-Audio, Applebrook Sales Training Manual – Homequest Inc., UT

Teaching Children To Listen The First Time, Offspring, p. 18-21; 2


Editor, Parenting Plus Newsletter, Cooperation Kit, Applebrook Family Enrichment Network, Fremont, MI. Other Applebrook publications: Starting Right–Handbook For Early Learning Success. As part of a unique multi-sensory learning program called Early Learning Success, I wrote 9 Bible storybooks. Each title came with an “interactive unit” packed with educational activities.  Plus, I created the Apple Tree Motivator, and the Kindness Kit.


Tips – Conferencing With Kids, Ideas to Teach Children to Respect the Earth, Instructor Magazine


Editor, Motivated Mother Newsletter


Humor Columnist: Augsburg Express, Germany, Manassas Journal

Presentations and Performances

:: Host, The Gingerbread House TV show, DVDs:: Opening gala performer – Gingerbread House Festival, Thanksgiving Point
:: Host of Premiere for TFK Media, Interviews of a Lifetime
:: TV Host, Valley View – KPAL
:: Radio Disney’s Show, Salt Lake City for 2002 Olympics
:: Speaker, Internet Marketing Superconference, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
:: Emcee – International Ventriloquist Youth Show  – Harrah’s, Las Vegas
:: Technology Speaker, Internet Marketing Superconference, Imperial Palace, Las Vegas
:: Technology Performer – Metabox -CeBit, Hanover Germany
:: Motivational entertainer – Raytheon, Indianapolis
:: HomeQuest, Direct sales trainer -numerous cities nationwide
:: Lancie Cosmetics, Direct sales trainer – national
:: Applebrook Family Enrichment Network- Marketing speaker, numerous cities
:: Renaissance Festival, Michigan
:: Michigan Dairy Association, key speaker
:: Parents’ Extravaganza- New York City/hostess
:: Montclair State University
:: Michigan State University, Michigan Co-Op Association, education inservice
:: Blythedale Children’s Hospital, New York
:: Fremont Hospice, Toronto Speaker’s Showcase, Atlanta Speaker’s Showcase
:: CHEO – Christian Home Educators of Ohio, literacy workshop leader
:: Michigan Homeschool Association, workshop leader
:: MOPS – Mother of Preschoolers, Fremont, Michigan
:: Fremont High School Graduation Keynote Speaker
:: Comstock Park Teachers – Mother of Twins Organization
:: American Mothers’ Association–National Convention
:: Glerum Elementary Parents’ Group
:: Mariposa Elementary, class presentation
:: Pine Creek Elementary School – School assembly
:: Velma Matson Elementary School- School assembly
:: Birch Run Middle School – School assembly
:: Comstock Park Middle School – School assembly


· Winner – 1997 National Community Service Award
· Ms. Michigan 1997 – United States of America

Christine Marie, MBA

Christine Marie, MBA

· Outstanding Achievement – Renaissance World Pageant
· Former Virginia Mother of Young Children
· Nominated Prince William County Woman of the Year
· Who’s Who in American Education
· Who’s Who Among American Women
· Winner – Various Sales and Volunteer Awards

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  1. NoseRingCutie says:

    This is what I call girl power!

    High pumps and an MBA, you go girl.

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