Honeymoon, Autumn in Las Vegas + Animals & Love

Here is a collection of photos, mostly of me, my mom & Tolga, lots from our honeymoon. We had so much fun when she was here this month. November 2011 has been one of the happiest months of my life, so I’ll celebrate and memorialize it with one more photoblog full of orange, brown, yellow – autumn colors. These are locations in or around Las Vegas. One more blast of autumn love to me, my mom, and my spectacular new husband.


I Went to London to Perform & I Discovered Something Incredible!

Photoblog: England a couple weeks ago. Producer John Hyde  showed me around a bit of London to help calm my nerves before my gig at Royal Albert Hall.  John, by the way, is the colorful musician who produced the sparkling children’s songs for my  Gingerbread CD.  I wore pink because I was hoping people would … Continue reading

Patriotic & Americana Photos

Christine Marie

Happy 4th of July in advance! So here are some Americana / Patriotic pics of me taken by none other than the man who worked long and hard to become an American citizen himself!  Tolga Katas       These shots started out as an idea for a blog on Technorazzi.com         … Continue reading

A Stranger Was My Hero

Yesterday I took cookies, cupcakes and other snacks to Kandice and her producers at the studio in Burbank. As I drove back, steam or smoke started puffing through the hood of the car I was driving and I pulled over on busy Barham Avenue in the after work rush. I got out of the car, … Continue reading

Tax Day & Ethics

I figured April 15th called for a serious look.  This is black Friday because of taxes anyway right? The truth is that Tolga wanted to try some “one light” photography to practice where the shadows were cast on my face. He said I need a tough cookie look to complement my sugar cookie look, so … Continue reading

Tolga is Magic With a Camera!

My Mom is Hilarious

My mom sent me this. She doesn’t email that often, so I was expecting to see something a little more profound. This is the story:     One day, long, long ago, there lived a beautiful woman who did not whine, nag or bitch. (That would be me…)   But that was a long time ago … Continue reading

The New Muse of Tolga. Uh oh.

We used to have our own in-house model named Kandice, but she moved to Hollywood and is a rising star now. Follow @Kandice on Twitter here.  Unfortunately for the world, but fortunately for me, now the only resident guinea pig left is ancient, flawed Yours Truly. But he fixes that. See? I don’t really look … Continue reading

Some New Pics

I have some new iPad apps coming out, woohoo! Me and the Gingerbread Kookies   The Gingerbread House characters – some of them This is “Christine Marie Business” Lifelike babies from the Baby Care classes that I teach for new moms and dads Hugging a Baby Care baby doll. Yes, we will be doing Baby … Continue reading

My Mom’s Apple Pie Recipe

My mom just emailed me the apple pie recipe I grew up with, so I made it into a recipe card with her picture on it. She’s beautiful, I know. I always blanch the apples a but first, add a touch of lemon juice and also butter on the top before I put the pie … Continue reading

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