I Went to London to Perform & I Discovered Something Incredible!

Photoblog: England a couple weeks ago. Producer John Hyde  showed me around a bit of London to help calm my nerves before my gig at Royal Albert Hall.  John, by the way, is the colorful musician who produced the sparkling children’s songs for my  Gingerbread CD.  I wore pink because I was hoping people would … Continue reading

The Mob Experience, Tolga, Friends, & Vanilla Ice

Last night Tolga, his little brother Kutan, some friends and I went to The Mob Experience in Las Vegas. It was like  going to a museum, only you walked through it and interacted with mob members. Below is one of the exhibits from the mob days, they had lots of exhibits. Below is Tolga with … Continue reading

Photos in a Ghost Town

Christine Marie

Tolga and I went on a drive in search of a welcome summer breeze in the desert country, and we ended up miles from sweltering Las Vegas.  I was working on my iPad the whole time. That is – until we found a ghost town. We didn’t see any  ghosts, unfortunately. There was one “store” there … Continue reading

Today I saw this on Google +

I just couldn’t resist ripping it off to share it with you. It was originally posted by Nicole (Kitten) St. Pierre, reposted by M. Edward Borasky. Enjoy!

What about Alfred Pigeon?

While Tolga and I were celebrating our engagement, we walked around Las Vegas Boulevard talking about life and the future. Tolga took tons of photos of me and various shots around the Strip (that photoblog is here). But more importantly, he took the photo of the homeless man below. I haven’t been able to stop … Continue reading

My Dog Loves YouTube

Bambi seriously loves to watch animals on YouTube, so we made her her own channel. Whenever she hears us watching animal videos on YouTube she runs over and begs to get on our laps, this is no joke!

Hollywood Roommates

Meet Matt Woosley, Kandice’s new roommate. To his right is Gus, Rambo’s new roommate. (Rambo can be seen blending in with the bottom of the photo.) Notice the chartreuse color of the walls in their not-so-new but ever-so-artsy Hollywood apartment. Matt and Kandice decided to fix the place up. Here’s Kandice using powertools like a … Continue reading

A Fierce New Year

I can’t remember ever setting a resolution to be more fierce, to stand my ground, to demand respect in business, to cut people out of my life, to use the legal system to fight back, and to fight to win. Ever.

This year, however, is different.

Flooded With Challenges

The day after I excitedly announced that I just finished unpacking and decorating our new home, in comes drama. Tolga was in his office working, Emerson was in his bedroom on his computer and I was in the kitchen preparing to make gingerbread cookies when I heard an explosion! It was followed by the sound … Continue reading

A Healthy Stroll to the Bank. Sort of.

Tolga and I decided to walk to the bank “because it would be good for our hearts.”  But inside the bank, Tolga’s eyes lit up when he saw the lollipops.  The temptation for sweets was too great and he grabbed one. Or three. Wait. Make that four. With a sucker in his mouth, he conversed … Continue reading

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