Our Romantic, Storybook Wedding

tolga and christine marie katas

After many wonderful years of being in love and dreaming that we would one day get married, we finally officially became husband and wife. On 11-11-11, Tolga and I had a storybook, rose-filled, Bohemian wedding at Chameleon Studios – the Moulin Rouge of Las Vegas. (Well, in the decor anyway.) We broke tradition and did … Continue reading

The Mob Experience, Tolga, Friends, & Vanilla Ice

Last night Tolga, his little brother Kutan, some friends and I went to The Mob Experience in Las Vegas. It was like  going to a museum, only you walked through it and interacted with mob members. Below is one of the exhibits from the mob days, they had lots of exhibits. Below is Tolga with … Continue reading

Family Members

Tim Melonakos

Mr. Tolga Katas, my fiancee My son Christian – in college My son Tim, a schoolteacher in Venezuela Kandice. Daughter doing the pop star in Hollywood thing. Em. Mormon. And of course, last but not least … My supermodel chihuahua – Bambi.

The Man I Adore

Tolga is Magic With a Camera!

A Healthy Stroll to the Bank. Sort of.

Tolga and I decided to walk to the bank “because it would be good for our hearts.”  But inside the bank, Tolga’s eyes lit up when he saw the lollipops.  The temptation for sweets was too great and he grabbed one. Or three. Wait. Make that four. With a sucker in his mouth, he conversed … Continue reading

Tolga’s First DIY Adventure

I’ve been encouraging Tolga to take a diversion from computer work every once in a while and do something physical. To my surprise, Tolga watched a DIY video, and then this morning he announced he was going to Home Depot “all by himself.” This was a first for him. He came home and said, “I … Continue reading

My Valentine Bear – Before & After Tolga

This is the Valentine Bear Tolga got me on Valentine’s Day. I opened it, adored it, and placed it on top of the mini-fridge in my creative room. Recently I left Tolga alone for three weeks and he was immersed in code. But when I returned a few days ago… ..this is what had become … Continue reading

Tolga’s birthday was awesome.

He loved staying home and playing computer games for hours without pressure from the outside world. He’s so easy to please. Anyway – the best part of his birthday was the outpouring of love from people on facebook, by email, by phone. His chosen birthday dinner was Korean steak (as usual) and Kim Chi (as … Continue reading

This is What Tolga Made Me for Mother’s Day Breakfast

That’s right.  Eggs in a wok. To be eaten with waffle cones.     And he wondered why I wanted to take a picture of this.

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