Photos in a Ghost Town

Christine Marie

Tolga and I went on a drive in search of a welcome summer breeze in the desert country, and we ended up miles from sweltering Las Vegas.  I was working on my iPad the whole time. That is – until we found a ghost town. We didn’t see any  ghosts, unfortunately. There was one “store” there … Continue reading

Vintage Creativity

Crayon boxes.  LOVE IT!!! Just let your eyes study the artwork on this cover. It engages me.

Too funny! Those clever Brits had the prototype for Twitter in 1935.

Check out the Notificator.

Very Bad, or Hilariously Bad Vintage Ads – OMG!

My children never had this benefit, so sad. This actually works.  It’s why I moved with Tolga from LA to Vegas. It’s free for Chubbies?  This is so horrible. I can’t believe Graviton Polarity Generators used to be that big. And the purpose of the scantily clad leggy girl in the ballerina slippers is ??? … Continue reading

Rare Vintage Pics – John Draper at the US Festival

Dan Sokol just sent me this photo he took of John Draper at the US Festival. Hehehehe, so THAT’s what he really used to look like.

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