Our Romantic, Storybook Wedding

tolga and christine marie katas

After many wonderful years of being in love and dreaming that we would one day get married, we finally officially became husband and wife. On 11-11-11, Tolga and I had a storybook, rose-filled, Bohemian wedding at Chameleon Studios – the Moulin Rouge of Las Vegas. (Well, in the decor anyway.) We broke tradition and did … Continue reading

Crunch and Christine Marie – Hacker Convention Las Vegasie

This is a picture of John Draper and I from Defcon. The organizers had multiple parties and dances happening simultaneously at night, and Crunch and I went to something called the “Freak Show.” It was like a dance club with lots of creative participation events going on. I don’t know how the hacker community became … Continue reading

Rare Vintage Pics – John Draper at the US Festival

Dan Sokol just sent me this photo he took of John Draper at the US Festival. Hehehehe, so THAT’s what he really used to look like.

A Silly Commercial made by Ryan Sleichter

The only human in the clip is John Draper, aka cult icon Captain Crunch!! (He made this in my office after hours and worried I would be upset.) But I love it. John laughed a lot too.

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