The New Muse of Tolga. Uh oh.

We used to have our own in-house model named Kandice, but she moved to Hollywood and is a rising star now. Follow @Kandice on Twitter here.  Unfortunately for the world, but fortunately for me, now the only resident guinea pig left is ancient, flawed Yours Truly. But he fixes that. See? I don’t really look … Continue reading

Hollywood Roommates

Meet Matt Woosley, Kandice’s new roommate. To his right is Gus, Rambo’s new roommate. (Rambo can be seen blending in with the bottom of the photo.) Notice the chartreuse color of the walls in their not-so-new but ever-so-artsy Hollywood apartment. Matt and Kandice decided to fix the place up. Here’s Kandice using powertools like a … Continue reading

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